Email Marketing

Direct Targeting

The feature that distinguishes e-mail marketing from other digital channels is that it is direct marketing. Since the people targeted in this method are individuals who have shown interest in your brand before, the return on our communication investment is higher. Since the difference here is direct targeting, we must constantly keep our list of e-mail communications up to date and produce content suitable for the target audience.

Personalized Communication

Email marketing is a highly effective communication tool, especially when it comes to customer loyalty and reach. It allows us to provide the consumer with any information we want directly and personalized. This can be to remind ourselves to the customer who has not shopped for a long time, or to thank the customer who has shopped very often.

Easy Tracking

One of the important points that makes e-mail marketing efficient is that it is done with permission. Otherwise, our e-mails do not reach our audience by falling into spam. Another point is that the process can be easily followed. We can observe whether the e-mails are received and which links are clicked. Despite being so specific and personalized, e-mail marketing, which draws attention with its low budget, is a very important marketing tool for brands.

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