Social Media Marketing

The Right Campaign Targeting Sales

We increase your brand awareness and sales by publishing the right campaigns with high returns with the right advertising strategy, and we carry your brand awareness to the top with social media ads.

Facebook Ads

Reaching your potential customers with Facebook’s detailed targeting options, WAW Bilişim determines the most accurate advertising strategy for your brand.

Instagram Ads

We reach the right target audience through Instagram posts and advertisements on InstaStory, and we direct this audience to the channel you want. We apply different advertising models for direct sales, form collection, product and brand promotion, and make you stand out on Instagram, one of the most used social media channels of our time.

YouTube Ads

We manage your ads on YouTube, which includes different advertising models, create your advertising strategy and ensure that your ads meet with the audience by using your budget correctly.

LinkedIn Ads

In LinkedIn, which is an indispensable platform for corporate businesses, we highlight your corporate identity, increase your brand awareness, and enable your netowork to expand. Right Criteria You can easily reach your brand to the target audience with the right demographic and geographical information on social media channels, where you can reach almost the entire population that actively uses the Internet.

Advertising Models

Facebook Ad Models

Brand Awareness: Increases your ad’s exposure and reach. Boost Post: Increases the number of users that shares reach on your page.

Traffic (Draw to Website): Attracts potential customers to your website with one click.

Getting App Install: Increases the install amount of your mobile app.

Reach People Nearby: Attract customers close to your business by local targeting.

Page Promotion: Increases your page’s likes and followers.

Getting Offers: Allows you to announce your discounts and campaigns. Prospecting: Obtains customer data.

Your Website Conversion: Targets website sales.

Application Engagement: Allows your downloaded applications to be used more often.

Event Call: Gathers participants for your events such as concerts and exhibitions.

Video Views: Allows more viewing and viewing of your videos.

Instagram Advertising Models

Application Download: Increases the download amount of your mobile application.

Application Usage: Makes your downloaded applications used more frequently.

Frequency: Determines how often your ad will be shown to the target audience.

Mass Impact: Shows your brand to a large audience and gains followers.

Website Conversions: Increases the number of members and sales of your website.

Traffic (Draw to Website): Attracts potential customers to your website with one click.

Video Views: Allows more viewing and viewing of your videos.

Page Post Engagement: Makes your posts get more likes, wins and more visibility

Twitter Ad Models

Twitter Sharing Ad You can make your posts read by promoting your tweets on Twitter, which allows brands to express themselves with 140 characters.

Increase Followers

With the right advertising strategy, WAW Bilişim increases the number of followers of your account and strengthens the brand image. Thanks to Twitter ads, the number of people who retweet and talk about your brand increases. This strengthens brand awareness.

YouTube Ad Models

WAW Bilişim increases brand awareness and loyalty by publishing your advertising videos. YouTube has three ad models:

Pre-Video: It is the type of ad that appears at the beginning of a video about your target audience, can be skipped after the first five seconds, and is not charged if you watch thirty seconds. If we give our message correctly in a short time, we can achieve a high success rate.

Post Video: An ad format that appears as a suggestion next to the video your target audience is watching. A fee is charged when blocked.

Search Results: It is the advertising model that appears when your target audience searches in line with our sector of interest. Clicking is charged.

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