Backup Solutions

It is very important that the backed up data is accessible as soon as possible and the reliability of the backup system is very important. As the size of the backup data increases, administrative difficulties arise and the existing hardware features begin to fall short. WAW Bilişim prevents such problems by offering appropriate solutions according to the functionality of the information to be backed up by its customers.

With its expert staff, WAW Bilişim uses the technology and structures we call data storage and backup units, storage units (storage), data storage networks (SAN), network attached storage (NAS) and backup (Backup), which is used to get a replica of all stored data. produces professional solutions. With these technologies, the data of the whole institution is collected on the same system and the security, accessibility and manageability of the data are guaranteed.

While the importance of your corporate data creates the need to take backups, the size of the data generated has increased the importance of an effective backup system.