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Human Resources

One of the most important ways to achieve success in our competition is to invest in our human resource, which is the most important value of our business, and to use this resource in the most efficient way.

Human resources management is the whole of activities carried out in order to effectively manage the most valuable asset of a business, namely its employees. The aim of human resources management; to maximize the contribution of employees to the business, to ensure their integration with the business and to increase their satisfaction.

In case our company carries out human resources management effectively:

– The decrease in the rate of quitting and new hires, which is called workforce circulation
– Decrease in absenteeism rate
– Increasing product / service quality
– Reaching the optimum processing level and increase in efficiency
– Maximum benefit from the investments made
– Reduction of costs
– Increase in sales and profits
– Positive contribution to the image of the business
– Increasing motivation in the work environment
– Employees with a high sense of belonging and happy, etc. among the benefits it provides.

In this respect, human resources have created a cycle within all units and are key for our company.