Network & Server Installations

Structured cabling is an infrastructure work that is carried out to ensure the proper transmission of data (copper and fiber), voice, Network, UPS and security system signals, and that allows these systems to be managed and expanded when necessary by gathering them under a single roof. With structured cabling, it is aimed to realize the data and energy transmission, which has become one of the most important needs of institutions, without any problems.

Your communication infrastructure has to constantly communicate with the outside world in the globalizing ecosystem. This communication density also brings security vulnerabilities. Your network infrastructure should be protected against security vulnerabilities and attacks that may occur from within or outside the organization. We design your communication networks to be open to outside communication and closed to attacks.

It is important that your established network infrastructure is easily manageable and auditable. By reducing your operational expenses, we ensure that you get the most benefit from your network infrastructure investments. We offer easy-to-manage, flexible, and convenient network and communication environments.

Regardless of size, all businesses are living organizations. That’s why we work for your growing and developing business to have the best performance on the optimum network infrastructure at the most affordable cost.


Choosing the right server solutions for critical business applications and data management is crucial for both business continuity and data security. Our company, with its expert sales and technical team, offers pre-sales and after-sales value-added services with server models that will meet your current and future business needs, from the beginner level to the highest level, providing maximum capacity and performance.

Our company, which carries out business partnerships with leading manufacturers such as Dell, HP and Lenovo for easy-to-manage and at the same time flexible, scalable and economical server models; provides servers, installation, commissioning, operating system installation, software and hardware configuration solutions.

Today, information is one of the most important and indispensable resources of institutions. For this reason, it is of great importance to store, process and evaluate data correctly. Modern data storage solutions are solutions that ensure that all data of institutions, which have different values and priorities, are consolidated and stored. With these solutions, the intensive data of the institutions are protected in a healthy and problem-free way, the data is more flexible, smart and easily managed, and access and backup needs are responded to very quickly.

While the priorities of the enterprises differ on a sectoral basis, if we need to list the basic expectations of our customers, we can list them as high availability, manageability, cloud architecture support and scalable agile infrastructures.

In recent years, virtualization technologies have been widely used on data storage units. In this context, hardware manufacturers differentiate themselves with different solutions. Different solutions are offered from virtualization of disks on data storage units to virtualization of data storage units.