Software Development for Institutions

Custom Software Solutions for Your Company

The effects of technology on business life and today’s conditions have increased the software requirements. Because companies want to develop special software for their own business processes in order to reduce their costs and control their processes in order to survive in global competition. It is now a privilege for these software to be exclusive to companies. Each company has a different way of working and processes that are unique to it, depending on the sector it is in or the job it has done. In order to increase its competitiveness, special software for the needs of the company has become almost a necessity. These softwares, which are needed to achieve business goals, must meet certain criteria such as being easy to use, high performance, compatible and secure.

Our Custom Software Development service, at the request of the customer, to meet the special software needs he needs in relation to his activities; It includes the development and implementation processes in parallel with the preliminary analysis, detailed analysis and analysis report studies. If the customer requests, he can take part in the custom software development process, either by consulting the software development group or by directly participating in the software development group.


  • The fact that package software suitable for the sector and business has not been developed,
  • Special software solutions for your needs in the management process,
  • Follow-up of special details requested in production management,
  • In need of control and reporting solutions integrated with existing software or hardware,
  • Being different, making a difference and increasing the quality standards of the service provided,
  • A special software infrastructure that is high-performance, easy-to-use, safe, fast and running smoothly is needed in order to get ahead of the competitors and reach the desired targets.


By contacting WAW Bilişim, Business Development Experts, you will have taken the first step towards the software solution you want. By performing the business application in the following order, studies are carried out for the most suitable solution for your system.
In order to minimize risk and maximize success in projects;

  • Careful Planning
  • good risk management
  • Customer involvement and monitoring in the project
  • Continuous monitoring of the project
  • Expert staff
  • Evaluation and measurement of the project

are the factors that lead to success in custom software.

The software is developed with the Iterative-Agile Software Development methodology. Apart from the classical methodologies, the software development methodology we have adopted allows us to do work in a shorter time and to minimize the margin of error. Our software development process starts with prototype testing of designs based on the data obtained. It repeats according to the feedback obtained at the end of each work cycle, this cycle continues until the ideal product is reached.

Analysis and projecting

It is the process of creating the document related to the subject by listening to special requests and targets and analyzing the work, the sector, if any, of the system that is failing, projecting all the details of the work to be done and creating the business plan.


The most suitable and flexible structure is created by making architectural design for the database and coding structure of the study, all details of which have been determined during the analysis and project design process. User and administrator interface designs are prepared.


It is the process where the codes prepared for the sample application are compared with the project details, and all data obtained by performing user and administrator tests is reported. As a result of the test data, the status of the job is reviewed and the test process continues until the most perfect result is obtained.


The application, which gets positive results from all tests, is made ready for application with the latest security tests and security application integration. System usage training is provided. The ready-made work is delivered to our team, who will integrate it with the customer for installation.


Software maintenance and support is offered. External support resource and content management services are provided.