Digital Marketing Measurement and Reporting

Accurate Budgeting

The most important advantage of digital marketing is undoubtedly that it is measurable and reportable unlike traditional marketing. WAW Bilişim sets specific targets at the beginning of the digital marketing process, which includes different communication methods, and compares these targets with the reports that come out as a result of the communication studies, and makes analyzes that bring your brand to the most successful return with the lowest budget.

Website Visits

WAW Bilişim determines where the users visiting your site come from and the cost of the visits.

Behaviors and Conversions

What do consumers do when they come across your ads or visit your site? What are the numerical values at the end of the campaign? Knowing the answers to these questions allows you to understand what you need to improve and reconsider your budget planning.

Social media

We think that it is your greatest right to know how much of a budget, how many conversions you have in which channel, how many people you reach and how many clicks your ad gets, and whether these results are in line with the determined goals.