Google Ads

Google Ads

When you start working with WAW Bilişim for your advertisements, you can benefit from many of our services free of charge and receive unlimited technical support. You gain cost advantage with the additional budgets we give as gifts for companies that have just started working with us, and you can earn more by paying less without risk.

Thanks to account optimization, your advertising budget is used more efficiently, and you can save up to 85%. Your web design and account structure, keywords and ad texts; By aligning with Google content and quality guidelines, you can increase your advertising position, advertise more effectively at lower costs, and reach wider target audiences.

You work with Google Ads Premier Partner and a very large team of experts for your ads. You will receive uninterrupted assistance for creating your account, preparing your keywords and ads, account optimization, search engine optimization and performance recommendations. In line with your advertising strategies, our team supports you at every stage to make your job easier and reduces your workload.


Your account is optimized so that you can get the highest performance. High-quality ads are prepared with high-interest keyword choices, effective ad texts. In this way, you will reach higher and more effective visitor numbers with the same advertising budget, and your ads will be in the highest possible position. With the goal of high quality score, it is possible to use the Ads Discounter feature more effectively and to reduce your costs. There is no minimum spending requirement; You set the amount you pay for ads.

For example, you can set a daily budget of $5 and a maximum cost of $0.10 per visitor for your ad. You will only be charged if someone clicks on your ad, not when your ad is shown. We provide keyword traffic and cost estimates so you can make informed decisions about choosing keywords and maximizing your budget. (Estimate keyword costs)


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