Mobile Marketing

The Superiority of Mobile Devices

Today, with the increasing population and increasing pace, people’s time is getting shorter day by day. They want to put the research or shopping they want to do into practice, regardless of place and time. Until very recently, e-commerce was an activity done through desktop computers. But according to 2017 data, nearly two-thirds of the world’s population owns at least one mobile phone. More than half of web traffic worldwide now comes from mobile phones. The number of mobile users in Turkey is 71 million. This being the case, it is not difficult to understand that e-commerce is now mostly done on mobile devices. If we take into account that the usage area of ​​social media is mobile devices; We can conclude that people now want to be directed to e-commerce sites without wasting time from their social media accounts, and to be able to take action immediately when the desire to get information or purchase arouses. For example, 61% of Facebook users connect on mobile. Mobile marketing has become very important in order to reach the masses more easily.

Mobile Compatible Website

This situation has revealed the fact that brands need to make their websites mobile-friendly. According to the researches, the consumer does not trust the brand whose website is not mobile-friendly, and prefers the compatible brands more. Even Google makes non-mobile friendly sites less visible. In the marketing process made from mobile applications, users in a certain area can be targeted thanks to the location data on the devices. This ensures that the advertising budget is used efficiently.

Quick Contact

We must be accessible to the consumer, be able to answer the questions asked and do them quickly. If we do this, we can be able to communicate with more people in a very short time than we can predict according to mobile user statistical data.

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